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Unlike MEME, our project won’t be powered by a team of developers, but rather by a series of decentralized groups. The new highly interactive MEMECA$H platform will offer unlimited possibilities of development and provide rewards for involvement, as opposed to the old platform which is inefficient and provides limited development possibilities.

Our platform will take a horizontal rather than vertical approach, this being a key aspect towards the development of new ideas.

We will be the MEMECA$H community, a democratic, competitive and equal rights community. We will apply the Income Multiplier Principle. This principle allows people who have deposited small amounts in the new farming program to obtain incomes as high as those who have deposited large sums.

Maybe you will say … such a thing is not possible !!!

I assure you that we know this world very well and we have developed a solid plan in order to make MEMECA$H a real success.

The MEME platform has only a limited possibility of farming and rewards. With those rewards you can buy a limited collection of NFTs and that’s it. The rest are just stories and nothing more.

MEMECA$H aims to allocate to each and every MEME holder, who is NOT in the Citadel, a consolation airdrop worth 35 MCH, in order to alleviate their suffering and frustration for not being part of the Citadel and thus, being excluded from the process of important decision making.

A snapshot was taken on 27/09/2020 at 10:01 UTC+2 on the first 1000 MEME holders. We have chosen the last 628 holders to receive our MEMECA$H Airdrop.

We also airdropped the founders with 150- 355 MCH.

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MEMECA$H will be a community for everybody who holds small amounts of MEME. This community will be at the gates of the Citadel. A community of those who believe in miracles, but haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy them yet. A community of beautiful, smart and cheerful people.

Those who hold large amounts of MEME in their wallets will be excluded from airdrop, but will be able to buy MEMECA$H from Uniswap after listing it.

We will create a democratic organizational system where our rights will be expressed through voting.

We aim to promote organic development and therefore active and competent members will gradually take over the management of the project. We will generate working groups based on members’ skills in order to establish a solid growth plan and dominate the world.

by Moger Mer


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MEME is the brand that people want. MEMECA$H will be the technology and user experience that will make it popular.

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