On March 25, MemeCash will launch bMCH on BSC, only 2 days for early supporters Airdrop.

As previously announced, MemeCash will launch its new bMCH token on BSC. The bMCH token will be listed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as an BEP-20 token on March 25 at 18:00 UTC.

Buy MemeCash BSC Genesis on Rarible here: https://rarible.com/token/0x6110604b8bfec3f3e97231cd1ed36b16faefa9f7:176:0x601e79b46a17f3a01e3152530426135f50f75a37

There are only 2 days left to purchase our NFTs on Rarible, so you can qualify for bMCH Airdrop for Early supporters.

There are different projects that are starting to expand on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This blockchain network has been created in order to offer users and developers with more efficient, fast and reliable services than traditional blockchains. For this reason, MemeCash also wants to add new services for its community based on Ethereum and the same for the Binance Smart Chain community.

To join onthe world of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), MemeCash has decided to create a new token, BMCH, with a supply equal to the MCH token, already existing on the Ethereum network. Our acknowledgments from Coingecko, CMC and Etherscan demonstrate our seriousness which will also continue in the development on the BSC network.

The partnership with Tinfoil Finance will be just the beginning of a road that we want to journey together.

What is the mission of MemeCash on BSC?

MemeCash will provides a methods for automating, carrying out, and improving yield compounding via the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and the PancakeSwap protocol. This vastly simplifies yield aggregating, reduces gas fees, and enables individuals of all ranges of DeFi experience and available capital to benefit from the process.

Not only farming

The success of NFTs in the crypto space has also led MemeCash to introduce its NFTs in the Binance Smart Chain network.
Therefore, MemeCash has set out to continue with its two collections of NFTs which will have different development strategies: MemeCash ERC20 Collection and MemeCash BSC Collection.

No Pre-Sale, No Sale, only Airdrop.

As already done for MCH, MemeCash will not make any sales, we will have only an Airdrop for ours early supporters.

BMCH Token distribution:

Total Supply: 28,000 bMCH
Airdrop NFTs holders — 2,500 bMCH
Pancake initial liquidity — 2,500 bMCH
Farmings — 10,000 bMCH
Marketing & Development — 5,000 bMCH
Strategic Investors — 4,500 bMCH 3 month vesting
Team — 3,500 bMCH locked for 6 month
Max Initial Circulating Supply: 6,500 bMCH

50% of the 10,000 BMCH for farming will be used for bMCH farmings and will be distributed as following: 20% to the BMCH pool and 30% to the BMCH LP pool.

MEME is the brand that people want. MEMECA$H will be the technology and user experience that will make it popular.