MemeCash expanding its solutions on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

What is the Airdrop for early supporters and how it works?

To enter the world of BSC, MemeCash has decided that will not run a token sale but only to request a small contribution for the Pancake initial listing.

What is the mission of MemeCash on BSC?

MemeCash will provides a methods for automating, carrying out, and improving yield compounding via the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and the PancakeSwap protocol. This vastly simplifies yield aggregating, reduces gas fees, and enables individuals of all ranges of DeFi experience and available capital to benefit from the process.

Not only farming

The success of NFTs in the crypto space has also led MemeCash to introduce its NFTs in the Binance Smart Chain network.
Therefore, MemeCash has set out to continue with its two collections of NFTs which will have different development strategies: MemeCash ERC20 Collection and MemeCash BSC Collection.
The two development strategies will sustain each other and are an integral part of the development of the MemeCash project. We are already in advanced discussions with more famous artists who will join the master Popa’S to provide works together for both the MCH community and the BMCH community.

BMCH Token

The BMCH Token incentivizes platform participation and smooth protocol flow by acting as a rewards token that facilitates increased profits for users.

BMCH Token distribution:

Airdrop NFTs holders — 2,500 BMCH
Pancake initial liquidity — 2,500 BMCH
Farmings — 10,000 BMCH
Marketing & Development — 5,000 BMCH
Strategic Investors — 4,500 BMCH locked for 1 month
Team — 3,500 BMCH locked for 6 month


Knowing that Nfts have been and will be a very important blockchain branch, MemeCash aims to bring them to the attention of all blockchain communities. The two development strategies will be interoperable and will guarantee mutual support and benefits to the two MemeCash communities.



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