MEMECA$H increase the MCH farming amount!

Hello MemeCa$h community!

Thank you for sticking with us this far, as a community project we are setting up some strategies through the ideas from the community on how to increase the value of our project and products.

Hence we have decided to deploy a new contract and increase the MCH farming amount from 5MCH per wallet to 20MCH per wallet. This increase is due to the upcoming partnership announcements and the value of our next set of #NFTs.

This move is also to encourage staking of more MCH and thereby removing most tokens from the market to create more demand and less supply. Our #NFTs by Stefan Popas (Guinness book of world record holder for fastest cartoonist) are exceptional and his works are admired globally. This is actually the first #Defi blockchain and cryptocurrency project to have a Guinness world record holder work on their #NFTs and we are proud!

In a International football museum, Stefan Popas made football star caricatures which Italians in the United States of America have ordered them to be placed in their museum. Now we are about to launch more football star #NFTs including that of former and present presidents of world powers.

This Article assumes you have some confidence and base knowledge of the DEFI ecosystem. And also assumes you understand of the risks of investing in and providing lequidity for DEFI projects. This is Not Financial Advice.

MEME is the brand that people want. MEMECA$H will be the technology and user experience that will make it popular.