Custom cartoons by Stefan Popa Popa’S via MemeCa$h

The famous cartoonist Stefan Popa Popa‘S has entered the crypto ecosystem. Because of his collaboration with the MemeCa$h project, crypto-enthusiasts have an opportunity that until now was only available to VIPs.

Specifically, offers the option to order a custom cartoon, signed by Popa’S.

The project will issue vouchers in the form of NFTs, so that the owner of the token can ask for a personalised drawing. The vouchers will be auctioned off to the public, with the instant buy option. Within 48 hours, the buyers will receive the NFT token and, in addition, the custom cartoon will also be shipped by courier.

Based on the partnership between MemeCa$h and Holdtowin, voucher-type NFTs for custom cartoons will also be offered as lottery prizes.

Popa’S is probably the most famous cartoonist worldwide and the holder of a Guinness World Record. He created hundreds of drawings of famous personalities, including kings, presidents or famous footballers. Through the MemeCa$h project, his art becpmes available in digital format worldwide.

This means that you can join the celebrities and VIPs in the exclusive club of owners of original Stefan Popa Popa‘S cartoons. Join the Telegram group of the MemeCa$h project for details.


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