2020 Collection by Stefan Popa Popa’S

The latest global crisis, which began in 2008, has shown that the current economy is very vulnerable. At the same time, it motivated some people to decide that a new economic system was needed — and that’s how Bitcoin was born.

We are now in the midst of another crisis, triggered by a pandemic. It has exposed a number of new vulnerabilities in public systems, from administration to infrastructure and medicine.

Everything changes

Ștefan Popa Popas is known all over the world for his extremely successful cartoons. In 1995, he made 131 drawings in an hour, setting a world record. On the occasion of his involvement in the crypto ecosystem, Popas made a series of caricatures of the most famous personalities in the field. These include Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver, Changpeng Zhao and others. In the form of NFTs.

In addition, he created / drew the 2020 collection, which illustrates the most important events of 2020, a year that had a great impact on humanity and which we will certainly not forget.

1) Pandemic — just a hypothesis until humanity wakes up in its arms.

2) Covid-19 — Atlas punished by Zeus to fight forever with monstrous creatures.

3) Lockdown — the mankind opportunity to eat from the apple of knowledge

4) US Election 2020 — when the arbiter is with you, the winnings are guaranteed

5) New World Order — An inevitable outcome after a major crisis

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