The unprecedented interest for DeFi projects, coupled with the incredible explosive increase in value of crypto markets, gave rise to a multitude of interesting and new promising projects. iFarm Manor, is one of these projects, it aims to combine the concepts of yield farming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain gaming.

The “whys” and “hows” of iFarm Manor

The team behind the project designed an ecosystem centered around the iFarm token. The token can be used for staking, generating various rewards, in the form of other tokens or other assets, such as the rare and exclusive NFTs from the MemeCa$h collection. The NFTs can be traded on the marketplace platform developed specifically for the project. …

The latest global crisis, which began in 2008, has shown that the current economy is very vulnerable. At the same time, it motivated some people to decide that a new economic system was needed — and that’s how Bitcoin was born.

We are now in the midst of another crisis, triggered by a pandemic. It has exposed a number of new vulnerabilities in public systems, from administration to infrastructure and medicine.

Everything changes

Ștefan Popa Popas is known all over the world for his extremely successful cartoons. In 1995, he made 131 drawings in an hour, setting a world record. On the occasion of his involvement in the crypto ecosystem, Popas made a series of caricatures of the most famous personalities in the field. These include Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver, Changpeng Zhao and others. …

The famous cartoonist Stefan Popa Popa‘S has entered the crypto ecosystem. Because of his collaboration with the MemeCa$h project, crypto-enthusiasts have an opportunity that until now was only available to VIPs.

Specifically, offers the option to order a custom cartoon, signed by Popa’S.

The project will issue vouchers in the form of NFTs, so that the owner of the token can ask for a personalised drawing. The vouchers will be auctioned off to the public, with the instant buy option. …

The famous Romanian cartoonist Ștefan Popa Popas is a new star who joins the crypto ecosystem. He will create cartoons that will be turned into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for

Based on a partnership between HoldtoWin and MEMECA$H, Popas’ cartoons will become accessible to the general public and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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HoldtoWin representatives announced:

“We are very happy to announce the first official partnership between HoldtoWin and is a respectable and trustable NFT company. Their NFTs are designed by Stefan Popa Popas, the Guiness World Record holder as the fastest Cartoonist in the World!

In our Partnership, the company will offer exclusive and unique NFTs, designed for our project, to be offered as prizes for our players.” …

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Hello MemeCa$h community!

Thank you for sticking with us this far, as a community project we are setting up some strategies through the ideas from the community on how to increase the value of our project and products.

Hence we have decided to deploy a new contract and increase the MCH farming amount from 5MCH per wallet to 20MCH per wallet. This increase is due to the upcoming partnership announcements and the value of our next set of #NFTs.

This move is also to encourage staking of more MCH and thereby removing most tokens from the market to create more demand and less supply. Our #NFTs by Stefan Popas (Guinness book of world record holder for fastest cartoonist) are exceptional and his works are admired globally. This is actually the first #Defi blockchain and cryptocurrency project to have a Guinness world record holder work on their #NFTs and we are proud! …

It’s true, MEMECA$H has some of the best artwork on the blockchain thanks to an amazing artist, and Guinness World Record holder, Stefan Popa Popa’S @POPASvisualart

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So how do you grab your own piece of this awesome Blockchain x Art history? Simple, in true DEFI style, you have to farm it.

The process looks like this:
1. Use Metamask to purchase some MEMECA$H (MCH)
2. Farm MCH or Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens directly on the MEMECA$H website and receive MEMEGOLD (MGD)
2.1- Check if you have a functional Metamask and if you have ETH balance for transactions
2.3- Enter the amount of MCH or LP in STAKE AMOUNT
2.5- Press COMFIRM in the Metamask
2.6- Wait for the transaction to take place
2.7- Press STAKE
2.8- Wait for the transaction to take place.
2.9- Refresh the page
3. Head over to Opensea
4. Use the MGD to Purchase the Artwork in the form of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s).
5. Smile to yourself. Because you know you now own something special. …

Seldon times a true artist is appreciated during their lifetime. We’ve all heard and read about many brilliant minds which drifted away, some in complete or partial anonymity, only to have, post mortem, their brilliance discovered, recognized and raised on the pedestal, which it deserved in the first place.
However, in the case of Maester Popa-Popas, fate had a different thing in mind. I’d like to think that this might be a sign of us, as a society, evolving towards recognizing greatness, in its truest form, though greatness might be here an understatement.

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The sheer volume of the body of work put forth, and of course, the outstanding constant quality of everything he decided to create, made Stefan Popa — Popas, undeniably, a household name in the world of art, all across the world. …


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I’ve always been fascinated with drawing. It’s one of the first things I, and I’m sure almost all of us, have discovered and learned at the very young age as children. Regardless if we were given crayons, a simple plain or coloured chalk, or just a stick with which we scribbled in the sand, the instinct to draw, to create shapes, to express ourselves seems to have been deeply rooted in our very own nature.

Drawing seemed something accessible to everyone, it created a universal connection, a bridge between cultures, an ark crossing time, one of the most innocent tools of expression from early man’s attempts in the cave of Lascaux to the controversial graffiti art of the modern day millions worth Banksys. …

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Unlike MEME, our project won’t be powered by a team of developers, but rather by a series of decentralized groups. The new highly interactive MEMECA$H platform will offer unlimited possibilities of development and provide rewards for involvement, as opposed to the old platform which is inefficient and provides limited development possibilities.

Our platform will take a horizontal rather than vertical approach, this being a key aspect towards the development of new ideas.

We will be the MEMECA$H community, a democratic, competitive and equal rights community. We will apply the Income Multiplier Principle. …



MEME is the brand that people want. MEMECA$H will be the technology and user experience that will make it popular.

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